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Stop slipping on ice!

Every winter, the same ... slipping on ice in the morning when getting into the car, on the way to work, whilst hiking or walking. Don’t worry! After reading this you won’t have to worry about slipping on icy sidewalks ever again. In Norway we have  these things called “brodder” (spike shoes).

There is absolutely no need for winter hibernation! You might be familiar with the penguin-walk? To avoid this tense and funny looking style of walking “brodder” is the product for you! The emergency services in Oslo had 48 incidents of people falling on the ice EVERY DAY last winter. Using “brodder” is the best advice from the specialists!

You might be wondering what type of “brodder” you should wear? It’s recommended that you wear quality winter shoes and slip “brodder” over your shoes. There have been multiple tests about which ones you should buy. We recommend that you put on your winter boots and visit your local sporting goods store for further advice. You may also visit

“Brodder” have been associated with being worn by older people, but times are changing. A larger percent of the youth population in Norway are wearing “brodder” than ever before. There is no need to stop exploring this wonderful country. But if you don’t want to be one out of many that will visit the emergency services because of icy conditions this winter - buy yourself a pair!

Norwegian spike shoes
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