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Our Company

Relocating talent, beyond borders

Our mission is to help companies in Norway thrive by enabling talent to relocate with ease.

Who are we?

We are a complete relocation and settlement service provider. We make it easier for your company to attract and retain the best international recruits. We manage the entire immigration process, assist with home finding and welcome your employee upon arrival. We also offer information, social gatherings and Norwegian language assistance through our exclusive expat membership program.

Ellen Hoprekstad CEO of Onboad Norway

Ellen Hoprekstad, founder and managing director

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Our experience

With over 15+ years combined experience, we have helped many distinguished companies relocate in total over a 3000 expats to Norway. Seamless transition in to Norwegian life through our integration services has made expats more productive in their new jobs.


We want to help you achieve great things

Our team has been doing this for a long time. We want to enable your business to get the most of your international talent. Together we make it easy for you to hire, relocate and retain your new employees, enabling your business to thrive on the world stage. 

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