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Where to Ski in Norway?

Where to go skiing in Trondheim?

As most of you know, skiing is very popular in Norway. We travel away from the city and up to the forest and mountains as soon as we get the chance. And to see that so many of you expats also have joined the skiing tradition is something all Norwegians find cool.

Finding good skiing tracks can be tricky if you don’t know where to look. And that is why the Norwegian skiing enthusiasts have made this practical web site where you can see where and when the newest skiing track preparations have been done (click here for map over Sør-Trøndelag). On the map you will see some “squares” in different colours. The square indicates where the track is, and the colour tells how long time it has been since last track-preparations:


Green: 1-3 hours ago Orange: 3-12 hours Purple: 12-48 hours Blue: 2-7 days

Roughly speaking, you have to main options in Trondheim. To the southeast of the city you have Strindamarka, and to the southwest of the city you have Bymarka/Granåsen.

Good luck, and remember to dress for the occasion!


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