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As HR professionals and company managers, you seek efficiency and precision in onboarding international talent.


At Onboard Norway, we're your ally in this process. We handle the complexities of transition to Norway, so you can remain focused on your core business objectives. Dive into our tailored services below and discover our commitment to your success.

Immigration & Visa's

Streamline the process of bringing your international talent to Norway. Our dedicated team ensures every visa and permit is secured efficiently, setting the foundation for a smooth arrival.

How to fill out immigration in Norway
Skilled Worker Visa

Specializing in even the most demanding visa cases, our Skilled Worker Visa Service is designed to navigate and resolve intricate scenarios. We provide tailored support to ensure your professionals obtain their necessary permits smoothly, paving the way for a successful start in Norway.

Family Reunion
With our Family Reunion Visa Service, we ensure that your international employees and their families can embark on their new life in Norway together. Our expert team navigates the visa process efficiently, ensuring families can relocate simultaneously, providing peace of mind and a cohesive start in a new country.
Permanent Residency
Navigate the journey to permanent residency with confidence. Our service is designed to guide your international employees through every step of obtaining Norwegian permanent residency, ensuring clarity, compliance, and a smooth transition towards long-term settlement in Norway.
Renewal of Residence Permit
Onboard Norway simplifies the residence permit renewal process for your international staff. We ensure timely and compliant renewals, handling documentation and deadlines efficiently. Count on us for a smooth continuation of your team's professional journey in Norway.
Registration & Tax office
Efficiently manage the essentials of registration and tax formalities with our expert service. We assist your international employees with the necessary Norwegian registration and tax registration processes, ensuring a seamless and compliant start in their new environment.
Posted workers
Deploying talent for short-term projects in Norway is simplified with our specialized services. We ensure full compliance with local regulations, so your projects proceed without a hitch.
Embark on the final step of integration with our Citizenship Service. We assist your employees in navigating the nuances of the Norwegian citizenship process, providing expert advice and support to ensure a successful and rewarding journey towards becoming a Norwegian citizen.
Nordic Semiconductor saw an increase in their job-offer acceptance after implementing our pre-decision service, in the first 6 months alone.
Relocation Services
Ensure your team is up to speed, welcomed, and productive from day one with our comprehensive Relocation Services. We focus on everything from home-finding to settling in, facilitating a safe and efficient transition for your employees and their families.

Enhance job offer acceptance with our Pre-Decision Service. We provide detailed insights into Norwegian life, addressing candidate concerns and queries, and fostering confidence in their relocation decision. This service not only aids in informed decision-making but also showcases your company’s commitment to the well-being of your employees and their families.

Our Settling-In Service is designed to make the transition to life in Norway as smooth as possible. We assist your employees with essential tasks such as local registrations, school enrollments, and navigating public services. Our aim is to help them quickly feel at ease and fully functional in their new environment, ensuring a successful and stress-free start.
Pre-Arrival & Welcoming
Kickstart a positive relocation experience with our Pre-Arrival & Welcoming Service. We ensure everything is ready for your employees before they set foot in Norway. Upon arrival, our warm welcoming service helps them feel instantly at home, easing their transition and setting them up for success from day one.
Ease the stress of relocating with our tailored Home-Finding Service. We understand the importance of the right living space in settling into a new country. Our experts work closely with your employees to find homes that fit their needs and preferences, ensuring a comfortable and quick transition to life in Norway.
Social community & events
Our Social Community & Events is focused on helping your employees find and engage with social communities in Norway. Through a variety of events and activities, we facilitate connections with locals and other expatriates, ensuring your team can quickly establish a supportive social network in their new home.
Spousal Assistance
Recognizing the crucial role of partners in a successful relocation, our Spousal Assistance Service is tailored to support spouses in adapting to life in Norway. From career guidance to local networking opportunities, we provide the resources and support necessary for spouses to find their footing and thrive in their new environment alongside your employees.
Language training
Communication is the bridge to integration. Our language training programs empower your team with the linguistic skills they need to thrive in the Norwegian workspace.
Social events based in Trondheim
Beginner to intermediate classes

Empower your employees with our Norwegian language course, designed to take them from beginners to confident speakers. Tailored to the professional context, our courses focus on practical language skills that facilitate both workplace communication and everyday interactions in Norway. This service is a key step in ensuring your team can effectively integrate and engage in their new environment.

Intensive classes
Accelerate language proficiency with our Intensive language courses. Designed for quick learning and deeper immersion, these intensive classes focus on rapidly developing language skills essential for professional and social settings in Norway. Ideal for those who wish to make significant progress in a short time, this service is a stepping stone to full integration and effective communication.
Personalized one-on-one classes
Maximize learning outcomes with our One-on-One Language Training Classes. Tailored to individual needs and learning styles, these personalized sessions offer focused attention and customized content to ensure rapid and effective language acquisition. Ideal for employees seeking a more targeted approach to mastering Norwegian, this service facilitates personal and professional integration with the flexibility and depth needed for success.
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