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Recruitment Services

From a company that knows people

There are dozens of recruitment companies out there ...

... so why would we start a new one?

We know from experience there is something missing in the recruitment process. 

Thinking about recruiting from abroad means more than just thinking about the job you need to be done now. It means thinking about a candidates new life in Norway.


Candidates think about more than the new job: what’s life like in Norway? How will I manage living expenses, the immigration process, schools, visa’s, life balance and more? 


If candidates are not willing to live in Norway you should know it now, to save time in the recruitment process. 


But how can you screen to make sure they are not just job-ready, but ready for life in Norway?

Lady in space.jpeg

Screen candidates who are not just job ready

but ready for life in Norway?

Our expertise is put to work for you. With Over 10 + years relocating employees to Norway we know what is important and we know what makes a difference when candidates are deciding on their future.

By screening candidates early, from a wide pool of talent, we are able to provide high-quality interview-ready candidates for you. Saving you time in the short term.

By getting candidates who are the best fit for living in Norway, you are able to reduce your international staff turnover. Saving you expenses in the long term.

It makes sense to go with a company that knows what it takes to move to Norway and what it means to stay for the long term.

Contact us to find out more.

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