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An obvious solution to a complex challenge

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Why a Pre-Decision Service is a great investment In this article we discuss the importance of sharing enough information about life outside of work and building a relationship with candidates in order to attract and retain the right talents to work for your company in Norway. The cost of a wrong hire and the cost of missing the right candidate for the wrong reasons are very high, but the risk of both can be reduced by miniscule investment in pre-decision support to the candidate parallel to the interviewing process. The 101 reasons to decline a job offer While assisting employers in Norway with relocation services, we have heard frustration from hiring managers that have spent a lot of time with foreign candidates to evaluate their technical fit for a position only to get the job offer issued declined.

There could be 101 reasons for a good candidate to turn down an offer from a good employer. From the investigations we did in collaboration with our clients we found that the surprisingly many rejections could all be mitigated with what we today deliver as a Pre-Decision Service. When moving your entire life, in some cases including partner and family, to a new country, most of the 101 reasons to be worried are non-work related.

The solution is quite simply to have a trustworthy source provide enough information tailored to the needs of the candidate - painting a picture of what their life will be like in Norway.

The information glitch

It is very easy for a candidate to get misguided by doing their own research. If you Google “Is Norway expensive” or “Are taxes high in Norway” you all know exactly what results you will get.

There are many questions that a candidate may feel are inappropriate to ask a potential new employer and that the hiring manager is unable to or uncomfortable answering. This is why a third party with long expertise in answering just these questions can make the candidate both informed and feel safe.

Relocation is not for everyone

To invest in the right talents it is important to be honest. It can be tempting in the competition for the brightest minds to paint an overly bright picture of reality - in order to get the required competence onboard.

One typical example:

Yes, I am sure your (career driven veterinary) partner will find a job here!

If this convinces the candidate, so will this…

I am taking the kids and going back home. Come with us or stay - up to you!

The cost of hiring the wrong candidate

All the clients we have discussed this with puts a different price on a wrong hire. The recruitment process, the time spent interviewing, the relocation costs, the time spent training, etc. quickly adds up. Even the most modest estimates quickly place the cost between NOK 400 000 - NOK 1 200 000.

The Pre-Decision service

To both make sure that the candidates get all the necessary information, tailored to their own specific situation, we at Onboard Norway have developed the Pre-Decision service.

In video calls with your international candidates we get to know them (and their partner/family) on a non-work related basis - and they get to know us at Onboard Norway. Using our experience we discuss every important and curious topic ranging from the Norwegian tax system to how Norwegians name their boat and hytte.

The goal of this or these call(s) is to make sure that the candidates have all the information they need to make the right decision if they are to receive an offer.

We also provide plenty of information about all the support that their potential new employer is offering directly and through Onboard Norway to make sure that their relocation to Norway will be smooth if they do accept the offer.

Beneficial result: A competitive edge

We have heard from HR-teams that have used the service that it can increase the amount of candidates accepting the job by 50%.

We also hear from candidates who receive job offers from many companies in many countries that the security they feel when getting this personalized support made their decision much easier. They want to work for a company that cares about them - not only by offering free lunches at work, but understands the importance of a happy life outside as well.

What to do next

Tips for companies that are currently not using our relocation services; the principles discussed in this article can be useful to keep in mind during the interview process - and try to connect on these topics on a personal level outside of the regular interview guides.

For companies that are already using relocation services the Pre-Decision service is maybe the most valuable addition to your relocation support budget.

With the small cost now during the Covid-19 pandemic you can reduce the chance of an expensive wrong hire and at the same time increase the chance that the right candidate accepts your offer.


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