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Volunteering in Norway

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

Get started today!

Volunteer work can be some of the most meaningful work there is. You get to do something nice for others, but you might also end up helping yourself!

As a volunteer, you get to meet a lot of different people. This makes volunteer work the perfect way to build a network. For those of you who are looking for a job, this is especially useful! In a tough work environment, contacts and a broad network are more important than ever!

As a volunteer, you might meet your next employer or someone who can get you in contact with an employer. Volunteer work is also something that looks good on your CV. It shows you`re a person who cares about others and also isn`t afraid to put in an effort! Both are positive traits that employers are looking for when hiring.

Another great thing about volunteering is that you are forced to work on your Norwegian. Speaking with locals is by far the best way to quickly become better at speaking Norwegian. You are most likely better at speaking Norwegian than you think. As a volunteer, you`ll discover that!

As a volunteer, you also get to do a lot of different stuff. A wide selection of tasks awaits a volunteer. Volunteers are needed for sports events, cultural events like concerts and festival, but it`s also charity work. You`ll find work that will feel meaningful to you when you`re working as a volunteer. There are tasks suited for anyone!

The best way to start working as a volunteer is to contact your local volunteer central. You can either do so by dropping by, giving them a call or sending them an e-mail. You should present yourself and tell them what you might be interested in doing and when you can start. They will be able to give you more information about what kind of work they got for you and how to get started. Via this link, you`ll find a list of all the volunteer central's in Trondheim. Find your local one and contact them!

In addition, many of the large festivals and events in Trondheim have a call for volunteers before the event. If you see an event coming up that interests you, chances are there will be an opportunity to volunteer. There is often information posted on their website in the weeks or months leading up to the event.

Do something meaningful for both others and yourself.

Get started today!


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