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Welcome to Norway

We relocate you safely on behalf of SINTEF

Relocate safely with Onboard Norway!

Moving to a new country in times of global distress may seem frightening, but with proper guidance and good support; before, during, and after the move - you can rather focus on being excited!


In 2020 we have been busy assisting the many arrivals from all around the world during the ongoing pandemic. In a regulatory landscape that changes often, we are adapting our support in order to make everyone’s landing experience secure and comfortable.

We make every step of your relocation as simple as possible

Moving to Norway is an exciting adventure that will help you grow personally and professionally. We will make sure you feel at home from the very beginning.

Sintef employs us to guide you through the immigration process, to assist you in finding a new home, and to make sure you settle in once you make the move to Norway.

International moves always present practicalities to be taken care of—and that’s where we come in. We are here to answer your questions and assist you through the entire relocation process.

How do we assist you?

Pre-arrival support

  • Video-call(s)

Home finding

  • Search and moving in

  • Contract and utilities


  • Preparations

  • Documentation

  • Delivery

Arrival Support

  • Covid-19 restrictions guide

  • Transportation from airport

  • Assistance through quarantine


Registrations & Settling-in

  • National registry

  • Tax card

  • Bank account

  • Health care



  • Social and info meetings

  • Norwegian language practice

  • Newsletter

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We answer all your question about moving and living in Norway.
Before you move
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We handle the practical matters like immigration, registration and finding you a home.
When you relocate
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Join our growing community of expats who have made Norway their new home.
Settling-in Norway
Do you have questions?
Can I afford to live in Norway?
How can I move with a family?

We can advise on the right kindergartens and schools. As well as provide job search assistance for partners.

What kind of visa do I need?

We walk you through the entire immigration process, including what documents you need for visa and work permits.

We are here to answer your questions.

Contact us today!

Yes! In fact, people are surprised by the competitive tax rate. We will be able to tell you everything you need to know about the cost of living in Norway.

A helping hand at every step of the way ...
Before you move 
Settling in Norway
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Even before you decide on you move, we are here to answer all your questions to make your decision that little bit easier.


We guide you through the immigration and relocation process, so you are well informed.

We also take care of finding you a home, negotiating with landlords and can even provide tours via Skype so you can decide on the right place for you.

We help you with your registration appointments, tax card, bank account, healthcare, etc.


The support is ongoing and once have settled-in we arrange activities to bring you into quickly Norwegian culture and society.

We prepare your arrival transportation and if necessary, the temporary housing for the quarantine  period.


Once you are out of quarantine we will introduce you to your new city and teach you how to make the most of it.

When you relocate

Without the assistance of Onboard Norway while applying for a job ... we would probably never have moved to Norway.

Mark Schultz (Germany)
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