Changing address in Norway

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

This information has been updated on 28 January 2020

When changing address in Norway you must notify 2 places: the National Registry and the Post Office, this can both be done online. While you used to have to go to two different websites, you can now report a move to both Posten Norge and the National Population Register at the same time. 

If you are moving with a family it is possible for just one person to register a change of address for everyone. Notification must be sent at least 4 days before you move.

Unfortunately, the change of address form can only be filled out in Norwegian. Steps for how to fill out the form are below.

If you don't want to read the steps and just want the links to the website it is here:

Post Office Address Change

How to change address through

Firstly, go to this website:

1. Click "Order Online [in Norwegian]"

2. Log in with you bank ID

3. Check your contact information is correct (phone number and email address). Check the box if you want this contact information to be used to notify you when you receive packages. Click "Ja, informasjonen stemmer" (Information is correct).

4. Next, you will see three boxes. The first is to change your address, you will also see all who are registered at the same address. The second box is to change your contact information. The third is to order you mail to be forwarded if you travel away, or would like the post office to hold your post while you travel (if you don't want it sitting in your mailbox).

5. To change your address use the first box and click "Meld flytting".

6. The first box will show the address where you are moving from. In the next box choose everyone who is moving. If there is someone who is not on this list, you can add them by clicking "Legg til person fra samme adresse". Click "Neste".

7. On the next page put in your new address. If you are moving house, select "Gate/Sted", then choose your Kommune (e.g. Trondheim). Under "Gate - eller stedsadresse" put the street name. Next choose the house number from the dropdown. The post code and city will be automatically filled in.

8. The box underneath is to authorise that Posten can send your new address information to the National Registry. If you choose this you will not have to register anything else with the National Registry, it is all done for you. Click "neste".

5. Choose your move in date. This can only begin 4 days from when you fill in this form. Below this you can select how long you would like mail re-directed to your new home. The post office will redirect mail for 2 months for free, if you would like longer there will be a cost. Click “Neste”.

6. Next page check the details are correct including your name, old address and new address. Check the box underneath: “Jeg godtar leveringsvilkårene" (I accept the terms). Check the next box if you would like to recieve electronic information from Posten. And click “Bekreft”

7. Next you should see that it has been successful, and you can choose if you would like a receipt or not.

And that is it!

It is also possible to just change your address in the National Registry. If you have already notified Posten, for example. To do that follow this link:

Good luck with the move!

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