Course Content

Level 1 Beginner

Norwegian Language Course

with SINTEF and Onboard Norway

Course Aim

To be able to hold informal conversations with internal colleagues in Norwegian. Gain a foundational understanding of grammar, vocabulary and structure of the Norwegian language.

Course Content


This course provides a fundamental basis for new learners of the Norwegian language or those with limited previous experience.

This course focuses on foundational grammar and everyday use of language, both oral and written. Participants will be able to understand basic grammar and develop word recognition, as well as hold a basic conversation about themselves and everyday things (greetings, work, shopping, free time activities). This level aims to develop conversational skills so that participants can confidently hold simple conversations with other colleagues in Norwegian.

It will use material from Norwegian on the Web 1, courtesy of NTNU. This book will be provided for each participant at the first session. When using Norwegian on the Web more experienced learners will focus on intermediate expressions and uses of grammar in the text. Participants will achieve knowledge equivalent to the A2/B1 level in the Central European Framework for Language (CEFR).

Learning Outcomes

Participants will gain a basic knowledge of Norwegian grammatical rules, word order and pronunciation. Understand and be able to ask and respond to questions asked in Norwegian relating to everyday life, and to give opinions in a simple manner. Grasp the fundamental grammatical elements of Norwegian (verbs, nouns, adjectives, pronouns and word order).

Work Load

2 hours of face to face class time per week. There is no testing or examination for this course, but there will be assigned homework tasks. Participants are expected to complete 3-4 hours of self-study each week.

Course Material

Textbook & Workbook

Norwegian on the Web 1. (Hillestad, Birte; Robbins, Sissel; Husby, Olaf 2014). This will be provided to each student by Onboard Norway. There is no need to purchase either text book.

Online material

Norwegian on the Web 1 - This course will use online learning modules and components from this above site throughout the duration of the course.

Additional learning material
Will be provided by each instructor throughout the semester.


One 2-hour class time each week (including 15-minute break). Classes will be limited to 5-8 participants. This course is being provided to you by your employer with the expectation that you will attend each class. If you are not able to attend a class, it must be arranged with your instructor beforehand. If classes are missed without notification, your instructor will follow up with you and, if needs be, with your supervisor.

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