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Norwegian Language Course

with SINTEF and Onboard Norway


We are very excited to welcome you to the Norwegian Language Course, a collaboration between SINTEF and Onboard Norway.

The aim of these courses is to assist you with learning Norwegian for use both in the workplace and in everyday life. Each course has an aim to work toward during the semester, which is targeted toward the use of Norwegian in the workplace.


This course will not have assessments or exams, but rather focuses on progressing your confidence and use of Norwegian, especially in practical situations. Your instructor will also help you to make individual and achievable aims, to make the most out of this course.

In addition to 2 hours class, there is an expectation for 3-4 hours self study each week. 

Classes will be for a duration of 2 hours each week, including a 10-15 minute break.

It is mandatory to attend 80% of classes to continue with this course. Consideration will be given in weeks when Research Council of Norway grant applications deadlines are due.

You will receive an email with your group and class time. Timetables can also be found on this page.

Course location and rooms will be given closer to the starting date of the course.

If you have any questions, please contact either:


Declan Humphreys,

Coordinator Onboard Norway 

ph. 920 84487



Onboard Norway AS

Stenersgata 8, 4.etg

0184 Oslo - Norway


Nordre Gate 11, 3. etasje

7011 Trondheim - Norway 994 117 521

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Contact us:

+47 92480635

Cover art: Norway Outline by Alexander Skowalsky from the Noun Project; Airplane by Yeong Rong Kim from the Noun Project.